Oct 08, 2018:  ~ 1 min read


Yesterday we released Goalee, an app that helps you not lose sight of your life’s goals. The main idea behind the app is that all the annoyances, conflicts or so-called problems we face in our everyday lives pale in comparison with our true goals in life.

The issue I faced, as many others, is that I tend to lose track of what I desire most, exactly because of problems here and there. One approach is to start writing down your goals on a sheet of paper, which I did and it worked; for a while, because I eventually started overlooking said sheet of paper.

I then tried using to-do apps, or habit tracking apps for this purpose. But this isn’t something to be checked off, something to record progress of, nor a habit to build; it’s a mindset change, if you will. So I ended up building Goalee to add long/mid-term goals and remind myself about them on a daily/weekly basis.

Start your company one day? Become rich? Settle down? Become famous? Whatever it is, don’t lose focus; don’t forget what you desire most; or it will end up forgotten in the sea of daily struggles and it’s not worth it.

Hope you never forget your destination, but also enjoy the journey!

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