Hello, I'm Roland Leth.

I’m a full-stack developer, specialized in iOS and highly focused on user experience. I'm also an entrepreneur and amateur designer. Lately, I've been fascinated more and more about the human brain, our behaviour and how we can improve ourselves. Naturally, the two sections of this blog are about:

A developer in front of 6 monitors

Snippets, walkthroughs, tips and tricks, stuff that I struggled with, links to interesting stuff I find around the web and helpful tools. I'm mostly writing about iOS, but also about JS/TS, occasionally.

My journey of self-improvement and the lessons I've learned — on my own, or from what I read. The posts will be about habits, identity change, motivation, productivity and self-improvement.

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If I can be of help or you just want to say hi, you can drop me an email at hi@rolandleth.com, or find me on Twitter @rolandleth. You can find out more about me on my about page or about my projects on my company's page.