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Between 2013-2017 I worked for one of the dominating flash-sales companies in Switzerland. It has been a great period for my career: met a lot of smart people and I learned a ton.
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Puppet Anthems
An educational app, offering a fun way to learn about the national anthems of the 32 countries from the 2014 World Cup: lyrics, music and their history.
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Expenses Planner
Helps you keep track of your upcoming expenses. Here I continued to learn about building, shipping and marketing a product and about improving its UI and UX. [Discontinued as of 2014]
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Beraria H
In collaboration with Sniperlab, we created an app for the largest beer hall in Europe, Beraria H. The result is an easy way for its customers to browse for, book and check-in at events.


A radio button with a pretty animation.
iOS 7 style Passcode Lock.
Simple to use month & year picker view.


This blog: written in Swift, formerly in Node.js, and Sinatra (unmaintained).
Unused.rb. Find and delete unused assets in your Xcode project.
Lines-Of-Code.rb. Count the lines of code in your Xcode project (or in any folder, actually).