Feb 24, 2013:  ~ 1 min read

[World hello];

Welcome to my blog.

I thought it's about time I should start writing, but to be totally honest, that time has passed for quite some time now, so I should rephrase that to: ==I thought it's too damn long since I should have started writing==.

I will be writing mostly about iOS development. I'll post snippets, walkthroughs, tips and tricks, stuff that I struggled with and links to interesting stuff I find around the web.

The blog is running on Wordpress and it's written using Markdown, with the help of Mou and sometimes Poster.

==Thanks for visiting!==

Update, Jun 13, 2014: Erato by 9muses is my new favorite markdown editor - clean, beautiful, powerful; inline preview included. For mobile I've been using Editorial for quite some time now; hands-down, the best editor for mobile.

Update, Jun 15, 2013: Completely ditched WordPress and recreated the blog with Sinatra. Read more about it here. Also, the live preview and, most of all, the custom-css for Mou's preview beats any Markdown editor.

Update, Mar 22, 2013: Today I downloaded Day One. Since it has great Markdown support, I think I will be replacing Mou to write my posts on the Mac. I'm just sad it has no copy as HTML. Don't really need it, but would have been nice. For mobile I'll keep on using Poster, don't think it can better than this.

Update, Apr 30, 2018: Haven't updated this post in a while now... Several editors came and went (either discontinued, either something better emerged), but I'm now using Caret on Mac and Pretext on iOS. I'm not using Dropbox anymore — although the sync still works — so I don't really need a mobile editor that much.

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