Mar 22, 2016:  ~ 1 min read

The MAS, updates and the CLI

I've had problems with stuck updates, or slow downloads with the MAS for as far as I can remember. softwareupdate never really was of much help, using MAS' Debug menu neither, nor killing softwareupdate related processes.

Yesterday I found the answer to all of this: a gem for manipulating the MAS from the CLI. It uses native APIs, from login (the MAS login pops up), to downloading files (you can even start an update with the MAS and finish it on the CLI - the download files are the same). And you also get a nice, little progress bar.

A few commands available:

$ mas list
446107677 Screens
407963104 Pixelmator
497799835 Xcode

$ mas install 497799835
==> Downloading Xcode
==> Installed Xcode

$ mas upgrade
Upgrading 2 outdated applications:
Xcode (7.0), Screens VNC - Access Your Computer From Anywhere (3.6.7)
==> Downloading Xcode
==> Installed Xcode    
==> Downloading Screens
==> Installed Screens  

I'm quite happy.

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