Feb 25, 2013:  ~ 1 min read

Restructuring the site

The most obvious thing is that I started writing this blog; that's an addition to what I had so far. What did change are my app pages: instead of having them under rolandleth.com/appname, I moved them to appname.rolandleth.com, so I can tweak them separately and build landing pages for them.

I used the free WordPress theme created by the great guys at Apptamin, theme found on GitHub. I also tweaked it to be used for apps/games in landscape, I moved some functions around that were creating a weird " " text, which in turn was creating a weird blank space and the result is on my GitHub; to be used with screenshots that have their own iPhone/iPod frames, not the included ones. This means in your WordPress Dashboard, in Appearance, under Apptamin Theme Options you need to set the Front Device and the Back Device to ==None== under AppStage and for all the features you want to add under App Features.

My tweaked version works with portrait as well, but requires a bit more tweaking with positioning. Shouldn't be hard in case you want to use screenshots with frame included.

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