Jun 15, 2013:  ~ 2 min read

No room for errors

When I moved to a git-based blog, I knew I had no way to edit published posts that easily, like I had in WordPress. And, boy, did I use to edit and re-edit a post after I published it. Sure, I can commit over and over to edit stuff, but that's not great practice at all.

But then it struck me: ==this is actually a good thing==. I will have to focus better and pay more attention, resulting in small, but steady improvement over time. Last night, for example, I did a lot of commits just to edit some silly mistakes and silly typos; this is something I will force myself not to repeat.

Something else that struck me? ==Writing is hard!== It's not my goal, but I'd like to get better at it, because better organized thoughts mean a better organized mind, benefiting other domains too.

On a side note: I added underline: true to the markdown renderer, I changed the css for underlines to

u {
  font-style: italic;
  text-decoration: none;

and now _text_ is displayed as italic. Why? Well, because sometimes I'd like to emphasis something, but not ==this bad==: a quote, without using a quote block, for example.

Update, Jun 26 2013: The above hack was replaced by using a newer version of Redcarpet that can parse ==text== as <mark>text</mark>. Nonetheless, it's still a decent hack when needed.

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