Oct 24, 2018:  ~ 1 min read

My Travel Stories

The other week we released My Travel Stories, an app to journal your travels, share beautiful photos with the world, but also find inspiration from others.

There are many apps you could use to journal your travels, be it diary apps, or the stock Photos app; but none of them are a true, focused, travelling journal app. My Travel Stories is a dedicated app, where you can add photos and descriptions for each; nothing more, nothing less.

There are also many review sites and many platforms to share you photos/opinions on, but none of them has true human-to-human interactions. At least that’s how I feel. When you write down your thoughts in a journal, you write in a certain way; you write for yourself; you write for your future self; you write with empathy; you create memories, not simple reviews.

Being social creatures, I really think it’s much more rewarding to read a story, not a simple review; to experience a memory, not read a simple description about a place; to feel another person’s feelings about a photo. And My Travel Stories offers just that: a way to search places and/or follow others to be up-to-date with their entries. You’ll get a glimpse of other people’s lives, as they want it to be remembered by themselves.

Travel the world; share your stories; find inspiration; create new memories!

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