Nov 22, 2018:  ~ 1 min read

Learning through mini habits

If you’d like to learn a new programming language, try to aim for ”write a line of code” every day. You might rightfully ask ”how will one line help in the long run?” and the answer is rather simple: you will almost never stop at one line of code; it also keeps you connected and the process ongoing.

This is how I learned Ruby a few years ago, by aiming for ”a couple of lines of code”. From there, I ended up creating a ”real” blog with Sinatra (was using some WYSIWYG editor until then). This, in turn, led to me using my blog as a playground for every technology I wanted to learn ever since: Node.js, Swift and now React (still WIP).

Don’t dismiss the power of small progress. You’ll eventually end up learning that new language/framework/tool, which, in turn, might lead to other improvements down the line.

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