Jun 14, 2013:  ~ 2 min read

Final version. For now.

Finally took the time to recreate the blog, the WordPress theme i was using was highly customized, but wasn't really fitting my needs anymore. And, again, since I'm learning web development, why not redesign it completely? The layout is basically the same, but I stole Sam's pagination and Matt's header and tweaked them to fit my preference.

The site was created with Sinatra, and it's hosted on Heroku. I'm still using Markdown and Mou to write, but instead of using a database for the posts, I'm using .md files. This way I have them on the server git, on my Mac (and on Time Machine, implicitly) and synced with Dropbox, since I will be using Byword for mobile editing.

I also created a simple Alfred Workflow to commit and push after I'm done creating a new post:

cd /path/to/my/git
git add .
git commit -am "New post"
git push heroku master

The only thing that I'll be missing is publishing from mobile, since I don't have a way to git push when I'm not at my Mac, nor do I know how to read straight from Dropbox; but I'll get to that too, eventually.

I'll post the source on GitHub tomorrow, I just need to properly comment it.

I'm ==really== happy with the result!
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