Aug 24, 2013:  ~ 1 min read

Fetching posts from Dropbox

I tried several text editors for the iPad so far and none really nailed it. Until now. After reading Viticci's review of Editorial, even knowing I won't make much use of it, I still went ahead and bought it. The fact that I had my iMac in service for a few days might have been a huge reason I was enjoying this, but I was enjoying it so much, that I actually went ahead and imported several workflows and created a few of my own and drafted a couple of blog posts for when I had my iMac back.

I was kinda sad that I couldn't publish the posts right after writing them, since the blog is hosted on Heroku and they have a read-only filesystem (meaning i can't add new posts without pushing a git commit), but that's why I decided to give read-posts-from-Dropbox-instead-of-locally a try after all. The code is already there, but commented out because I ended up thinking it's not a great idea, since the flow when a user reaches the blog would be user -> server -> Dropbox -> server -> user, much slower than user -> server -> user, but until proven, it's all speculation. I might have to add a database somewhere for less redundant Dropbox communication, but I'm looking forward to it.

If the extra fetch-from-Dropbox step proves to not slow things down too much, that means I will have the freedom to publish posts when mobile, granting me the opportunity to not only post from anywhere, but also to actually take a break from the computer as an excuse to write a blog post with Editorial on my iPad. Eventually outdoors.

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