Jul 10, 2015:  ~ 4 min read

Fastlane Fastfile #2

Last time I stopped at build incrementation. Let's continue with better lanes:

# From
lane :release do
  build_app 'Release'

# To
lane :release_patch do # | :release_minor | :release_patch | :release_quick_fix
  release :major # | :minor | :patch | :quick_fix 

# While the Hockey lanes changed to
lane :hockey_debug do
lane :hockey_beta do
  build_app 'Debug' # | 'Beta'

Where the release(version) and the submit(binary_flag) methods looks like this:

def release(version)
  # If we are submitting a quick fix, we don't really care what branch we are on
  # as long as it contains the quick-fix text, to be sure we are where we want to be
  if version == :release_quick_fix
    # If current_branch doesn't include 'quick-fix', ensure to something that will surely fail
    ensure_git_branch branch: 'quick-fix' unless @current_branch.include? 'quick-fix'
    # This is a fastlane helper that checks if we are on the required branch
    ensure_git_branch branch: 'development'
  # This will increment the version, based on the kind of release
  increment_version version
  build_app 'Release'
  submit :with_binary

def submit(binary_flag)
    skip_deploy: binary_flag == :without_binary,
    metadata_only: binary_flag == :without_binary

As you can see, all the logic was mitigated into 3, more concise, methods, build_app, submit and release. Now for the increment_version method:

def increment_version(type)
  # In case the lane fails, we revert the version number
  @previous_version = version_number
  split = version_number.split '.'

  if type == :major
    split[0] = "#{split[0].to_i + 1}"
    split[1] = '0'
    split[2] = '0'
  elsif type == :minor
    split[1] = "#{split[1].to_i + 1}"
    split[2] = '0'
  else # For patch and quick_fix
    split[2] = "#{split[2].to_i + 1}"
  new_version_number = split.join '.'
  # Using this in the Deliverfile
  ENV['VERSION_NUMBER'] = new_version_number
  Shenzhen::PlistBuddy.set plist, 'CFBundleShortVersionString', new_version_number

def build_number
  "#{Shenzhen::PlistBuddy.print(plist, 'CFBundleVersion')}"

Next time I will talk about tagging, committing, pull requesting or pushing and sending a message to Slack.

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