Jul 16, 2015:  ~ 2 min read

Fastlane and Alfred

One more thing that helps me with the Fastlane flow is an Alfred workflow to run the lanes. It was really easy to create, and here's how: open Alfred, go to Workflows, press +, Templates, Essentials and choose the Keyword to Terminal Command. Give it a name, a description, and a keyword (without a parameter), then paste the following in the script field:

cd ~/path/to/project && fastlane release_minor && exit

This will open the Terminal, cd to that path, run the fastlane command, then close the respective window.

Update, July 16, 2015: Fastlane got a nice update, where you can pass parameteres from the command line, so I improved the Alfred workflow - I set it to require a parameter, with space, then changed the terminal command to:

cd ~/path/to/project && fastlane release scheme:{query} && exit

Now I can write in Alfred release minor, as if I wrote in terminal fastlane release scheme:minor, and Faslane does the same thing as it did before with fastlane release_minor.


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