Sep 20, 2015:  ~ 1 min read

DHL Express

I recently bought a couple of cases for the Apple Watch and I had the option to ship via USPS or DHL, and since DHL was only $10 more expensive, I thought sure, it's worth it.

Sorry for the rant post, but I'm really, really disappointed. Long story short, if there are other options, I doubt I will choose DHL again - I had a terrible customer service experience.

The problems started with the fact that I wasn't announced when the package arrived at the customs and couldn't be moved further because they need extra info - I had to call them for 3 days in a row, and to drive to one of their offices to get the needed info.

Next up, their commission to pay the customs taxes on my behalf is 3-6 times more expensive than other shipping services, and the minimum is a fixed price: my package was $30, the customs duty is somewhere around $7 and their commission is $27 - 4 times the duties and almost the package's value.

Finally, the other option would have been to pay the taxes myself, but then I would have had to wait until the money actually entered the customs' account and to also prepare some extra papers, thus pushing the actual shipping time to almost 2 weeks.

The process for shipping by USPS or any other postal service is dead simple: receive a notification in my mailbox that my package has arrived, go to the postal office, pay there, get my package, come back home.

In the end, it wasn't about those extra $35 per se - if the shipping would have been an extra $25 and the commission $10, it would have felt more fair. I also wish they would have shown a little more care about their customer; maybe other countries have it better - and I do hope so.

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