Mar 26, 2018:  ~ 3 min read


A few months ago I was writing about a new beginning and I mentioned a couple of projects. I would like to present one of them today. It took longer than expected, but we launched today and we're really happy about the results. I'll start with a really short intro:

Our lives are filled with habits; some are good, some are bad. Everyone wants to get rid of their bad habits, and we all want to increase the number and/or frequency of good habits; we all want to eat healthier, do more sport, be more productive, or procrastinate less.

On the other hand, we humans are, by nature, a really sociable species — so much, I'd argue, that things not only get more enjoyable when in the company of others, but they also get easier. So why not change our habits for the better in a way that we're naturally designed — socially? Some of us have competitive tempers, as well, so how can we ultimately combine all of this, to our advantage?

The solution: Tiago Fernandes and Christian Boegner brought me on board, and together we launched ChallengeBeat, the app where you can challenge your friends, or even just yourself, to create — and maintain — the habits you always tried to cultivate. From eating healthier to being more productive, from daring challenges to fun ones, like video games, ChallengeBeat can be your go-to app.

Starting the challenge requires just a few steps: set an image, give it a short & descriptive title, a small (or long, where needed) description, set a start and end date, invite some friends and you're good to go! Some examples we've run successfully in the past:

  • No sugars for two weeks (Sugar isn't needed by your body):
    • We'd post a summary, sometimes with a photo, of our meal(s);
    • Some of us would comment on those meals that weren't quite adequate, encouraging the others;
  • Fasting for a week (Only eat 16 hours after the previous day's meal):
    • Each of us posted the first and last meals' hours for that day;
  • Master your wakeup for a week (No snooze, no phone, no TV; straight out of bed):
    • We'd post the wakeup time and how good did we manage to respect it, for example the snooze duration, when it did happen.
  • ChallengeBeat 2.0 for two weeks (Be an idea machine):
    • Everyone posts ideas to improve ChallengeBeat;
    • Ideas are liked and discussed right in the app;
    • When posting something, we can even upload a mockup as the image, to better express the idea;
    • After the challenge will be done, we'll extract the best ones and start creating tasks, wireframes, documentation — anything that's needed to move forward.

Not all challenges were successful — we failed quite a few — but with each one that was, we were one step further, had a higher morale and were more confident on that particular topic.

We're really happy to announce that the app went live today, and you can download it here. Everything is free, and we want all current features to remain free, forever. If we don't figure something out, at least we'll leave the world a better place — we can't wait to see how people change their lives for the better.

In case you like it — and we hope you will — give us a follow and let's change our lives for the better! We're, & and we'd love a good challenge.

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