May 17, 2018:  ~ 1 min read

Card Virtual

A few months ago I was writing about a new beginning and I mentioned a couple of projects. I mentioned the first one in a previous post and now I'm writing about the second.

The main goal of the app is for users to save their fidelity cards digitally (or request new ones), combined with the conveniences of displaying merchants & their offers, and having a shopping list at hand. There's also a friends feature, with which users can share their shopping lists — shopping together, faster and smarter has never been easier!

It's targeted at the local, Romanian, market, but it should be possible to adapt it to any market, if the offer and demand dictates so — if you're a seller/merchant and think it would make sense to integrate it on your local market, don't hesitate to contact us. We can display targeted offers, based on the user's shopping lists, but only if the user decides to — it's an opt-in feature, clearly explained — otherwise the offers are random and/or based on position. The app can be found here.

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