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What's this about?

This section of the blog is about personal development. I'll be writing about habits, identity change, motivation, productivity and all-around improving ourselves.

Most of it will be from my own experiences or from the books I read and I'll share what worked, what didn't, or where I learned it from.

By no means is this a comprehensive guide, but I hope you'll find useful info here. I have a lot planned to write about and, for a start, I'll publish a post every Wednesday.

A lot of the motivational videos or articles you can find online are by or about successful people. If, at times, you've thought that "of course, they're rich/successful, it's easy for them", then you're not alone; I have as well.

I don't have the worry of tomorrow, and I don't want to hide or deny that, but I'm by no means famous, nor wealthy. Yet, following the same principles/advices, I did change and I improved my life quite a lot, it's getting easier and easier and I'm now constantly on the lookout for things I can improve.

This is one of the reasons I started this section: to give confidence to other people that this kind of change is possible by everyone.