Fastlane and Alfred

:  ~ 1 min read

One more thing that helps me with the Fastlane flow is an Alfred workflow to run the lanes. It was really easy to create, and here's how: open Alfred, go to Workflows, press +, Templates, Essentials and choose the Keyword to Terminal Command. Give it a name, a description, and a keyword (without a parameter), then paste the following in the script field:

cd ~/path/to/project && fastlane release_minor && exit

This will open the Terminal, cd to that path, run the fastlane command, then close the respective window.

Update, July 16, 2015: Fastlane got a nice update, where you can pass parameteres from the command line, so I improved the Alfred workflow - I set it to require a parameter, with space, then changed the terminal command to:

cd ~/path/to/project && fastlane release scheme:{query} && exit

Now I can write in Alfred release minor, as if I wrote in terminal fastlane release scheme:minor, and Faslane does the same thing as it did before with fastlane release_minor.