Easier interaction between UIImage and assets

:  ~ 45 sec read

We all hate explicitly typed strings, especially for creating UIImages, but we can surely improve on that. Let's start with an enum, that has a var, to transform its raw value into an UIImage:

enum Asset: String {
  case back = "leftArrow"
  case logo
  case email
  case briefcase
  // Theoretically, a bang wouldn't be that bad here, 
  // as we should be 100% sure of what goes in this enum
  var image: UIImage? {
    return UIImage(named: rawValue)

And why not improve UIImageView too, while we're at it?

extension UIImageView {
  convenience init(asset: Asset) {
    self.init(image: asset.image)

Now, by having autocomplete, our calls are easier, and safer:

let backImage = Asset.back.image
let emailImage = Asset.logo.image

let logoImageView = UIImageView(asset: .logo)
let briefcaseImageView = UIImageView(asset: .briefcase)