Delightful animations

Learning through mini habits

CAAnimations and groups

Easier UIFont usage

My Travel Stories

Avoiding the keyboard on UITextField focus

Optionals, flatMap and you


Handling the Next button automatically

Increasing the tap area of a UIButton

Extracting the location from a photo

Extracting and parsing tweets from your Twitter archive

UITextView and UITextField knobs; a story

Card Virtual


Observing and broadcasting


Easier NSLayoutConstraint interactions #2

Creating an interactive label


Easier NSLayoutConstraint interactions

Runtime Sharks

Updated to Swift 4 and Vapor 2


Caret, a great Markdown editor

The App Store and the state of pay to play

Tips for consuming APIs

Tips for writing APIs

Non-selectable UITextViews and URL interactions

Naming init parameters

[SSS] Creating a sitemap

[SSS] Creating an RSS feed

[SSS] Displaying posts and extending Queries

[SSS] PostgreSQL models

[SSS] Setting the project up

Server side Swift with Vapor

Breaking labeled scopes

Assign if not nil; if nil, then assign


Vertical scrolling parallax

Thinking outside of the box

Swift mirroring

Slightly easier Core Data manipulation


Adding string attributes slightly easier

Combining protocols

Queueing up async jobs

[NJS] Creating a new post

[NJS] Dropbox syncing

[NJS] Database handling #3

[NJS] Database handling #2

[NJS] Database handling #1

[NJS] Project structure and layout tips

[NJS] Layouts

[NJS] Routing

[NJS] Server, templates and the pipeline


Default UIBarButtonItems with protocols

Easier interaction between UIImage and assets

CAShapeLayer fill rules

UICollectionView snap scrolling and pagination

Writing is hard

NSDate operators

Detecting retain cycles and improved logging

Improving UIFont workflow

Setting variables with tuples, switches and closures

Better interaction between viewWillTransitionToSize and CGSize

The MAS, updates and the CLI

Easier hugging / compression handling

TableViews, collectionViews and Swift enums

Frame debugging on a device

Improving git log

Working easier with tags

Creating a theme helper



Manipulating files outside of sandbox

Running a script with NSTask and NSPipe


Different fonts for the same label

Swift going open source

Updating Xcode plug-ins

Reusing blocks of code

Code coverage issues for Swift projects

Swift and enums #3

Wrapping up the Pull Request from terminal

Improving the Pull Request from terminal

Opening Pull Requests from terminal

Safari's new pinned tab feature

Xcode 7 crash analysis tools

Searchable WWDC videos

UIScrollViews and auto layout

Content blockers and assets

DHL Express

Changing (just) the font size of a button

Auto Layout and transitionWithView

Diving into Auto Layout

Pattern matching in Swift

Content hugging and compression resistance

Subscriber Share for streaming music

Breaking Cocoa

Swift and enums #2

Search vulnerability

iOS good practices

Swift and enums #1

SASS' Mixins

Improving the search

Fastlane and Alfred

TextFields with inputView

Fastlane Deliverfile

Fastlane Fastfile #3

Improving Fastlane

Fastlane Fastfile #2

Fastlane Fastfile

Highlighting TODOs, FIXMEs, ERRORs


[EP] Improving the iCloud sync


[EP] iCloud sync

Speaking of protocols


[EP] Migrating old data

Rewriting Expenses Planner

Shadow system for Unity

27 open source libraries for iOS

Xcode UI testing

WWDC Keynote impressions


Reading time

Broken site

Improving the syntax coloring

Broken feed

Improving the images

Fixing the search #2


Terminal improvements for git

Fixing the search

Print calling function


Autoresizing mask and frames

Finally fixed the timezone

Improving the Dropbox sync #2

Improving the Dropbox sync

Swift inferred types


Securing the Dropbox sync command

Improved Dropbox sync

Long Time


Swift first impressions

Puppet Anthems


LTHPasscodeViewController 3.0.0

Free and Pro versions

Swiss Airlines webpage

MM / YYYY UIPickerView

Sennheiser IE 80

Facebook's Paper



App Store reviews

Expenses Planner updates


Solved by Flexbox

Adding recurring events

Going from paid to free

iOS 7 versions released

iOS 7 style Passcode

Sneak Peeks for upcoming updates

Improving the search: highlighted terms

Implementing the search field

Dropbox sync for the blog

Fetching posts from Dropbox

Incomes for Expenses Planner

Recurring events for Expenses Planner

Ruby script to search your Xcode project for unused assets

Tweaking file handling

Expenses Planner for iOS

Stop thinking it's too hard

No room for errors

New Relic

Final version. For now.


Optimized for iDevices

New site structure. Again.

Carminder 1.0.5

Live design feedback with RedPen

Carminder 1.0.4 is live

Late spring cleaning


Thriving in an App Store world


iPhone App showcase

Search Kit


Timepiece Symbol font

Markdown to RTF in Mail

CGGeometry and you

UIAlertView customization

Drop the Layout Magic

Slowly, but surely

Restructuring the site

[World hello];