Drop the Layout Magic

Really nice utility class to modify the frame of an UIView. Semantically and without the multitude of CGRectMakes, using more readable stuff like:

[view.po_frameBuilder setWidth:100.0f height:40.0f]

You can find the class on his GitHub and read about it on his blog.

==Thanks, Sebastian!==

Slowly, but surely

Making great progress on my current project, feels awesome! I will post some teaser screenshots soon enough.

Today was a fine day for science!

Restructuring the site

:  ~ 1 min read

The most obvious thing is that I started writing this blog; that's an addition to what I had so far. What did change are my app pages: instead of having them under rolandleth.com/appname, I moved them to appname.rolandleth.com, so I can tweak them separately and build landing pages for them.

I used the free WordPress theme created by the great guys at Apptamin, theme found on GitHub. I also tweaked it to be used for apps/games in landscape, I moved some functions around that were creating a weird " " text, which in turn was creating a weird blank space and the result is on my GitHub; to be used […]

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[World hello];

:  ~ 1 min read

Welcome to my blog.

I thought it's about time I should start writing, but to be totally honest, that time has passed for quite some time now, so I should rephrase that to: ==I thought it's too damn long since I should have started writing==.

I will be writing mostly about iOS development. I'll post snippets, walkthroughs, tips and tricks, stuff that I struggled with and links to interesting stuff I find around the web.

The blog is running on Wordpress and it's written using Markdown, with the help of Mou and sometimes Poster.

==Thanks for visiting!==

Update, Jun 13, 2014: Erato by 9muses is my […]

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