Final version. For now.

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Finally took the time to recreate the blog, the WordPress theme i was using was highly customized, but wasn't really fitting my needs anymore. And, again, since I'm learning web development, why not redesign it completely? The layout is basically the same, but I stole Sam's pagination and Matt's header and tweaked them to fit my preference.

The site was created with Sinatra, and it's hosted on Heroku. I'm still using Markdown and Mou to write, but instead of using a database for the posts, I'm using .md files. This way I have them on the server git, on my Mac (and on Time Machine, implicitly) […]

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Wow, the new HIG is on a totally new level regarding the layout of information; it will be a pleasure to read. I have to admit I didn't really read the old one, but I'm ==definitely== going to read this one.

Optimized for iDevices

Landscape for non-iPads is kinda disappointing, but that's the best I could hack into the current WordPress theme. Maybe I will create an html theme with Rails backend and finally ditch WordPress soon enough.

New site structure. Again.

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Since I started learning web development/design, what better place to start than to replicate my apps' landing pages so I can bring them all back under
They were moved under so I could use a full blown wordpress theme, but no need any longer.
I'm pretty pleased by the result, everything under the same roof again.
As it should! :)

I will be posting the source on Github as soon as I finish cleaning the
files up. Update: here's the repo.

Carminder 1.0.5

What's new in this Version:
• Autocomplete suggestions! The app comes with a list of autocomplete suggestions for events, which updates itself dynamically when adding new ones: if the event doesn't exist in the list, it is added. You can delete suggestions by going to Settings -> Autocomplete.
• Other minor UI tweaks.

Live design feedback with RedPen

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This whole concept is awesome. I quote:

Red Pen lets you upload your design, share a short URL, and get live, annotated feedback super-fast.

This is how it works: you go to and upload your image. You'll receive a personalized URL, in short format, like You're then invited to fill your name and e-mail address, so the system remembers you: Register Bar

From second visit onwards the bar looks like this: Registered Bar

You can then start sending it to people you'd like an opinion from. To leave a comment you just tap on the image, preferably on the exact spot/area you want to comment on […]

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Carminder 1.0.4 is live

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This version brings:
• Badge count. You can now set the badge on the app icon for the number of events, as follows: tomorrow, within two weeks, within a month, all and none.
• Finally fixed all the bugs preventing the keyboard to hide on the iPad.
• Fixed a bug I introduced in last version where the keyboard would sometimes not hide on the iPhone.
• Changed the name in the App Store.
• Minor overall tweaks.

Late spring cleaning

Moved my blog here. Closed Moved my work to Result: more organized, easier to maintain, but, most importantly, easier for everyone to interact with everything.


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Awesome app for previewing app icons directly on your device. Easy, seamless integration with your Mac: drag and drop an image to the menubar icon, and, bam, it's on the device. The Mac companion app is free and can be found on the Mac App Store here.

The only caveat is that you can only preview one icon at a time. I ==really== hope they will add the possibility to add several icons (grid or even scroll based) so you can be able to compare several iterations at once.

Otherwise, amazing app. You can find the app here; via BeautifulPixels.

Thriving in an App Store world

I know this isn't new anymore, but I just wanted to share (and bookmark);
it's worth it.