Sennheiser IE 80

From the build quality, to the bass, clarity of the sound, and noise canceling, these phones are amazing.

I have at home a pair of HD 600 (plugged only into a FiiO E10, but still) and I was blown away by the IE 80 + E7 combo. If it wasn't for their noise canceling, I would have ditched the HD 600 in their favor (at least until I get a new DAC); alas, I need to hear what happens around me while at home.

If you're in doubt about these ... go buy them, they're awesome. Oh, and if you're a bass head? They got you covered as well.

Facebook's Paper


I have encountered lately so many services that do not include an unsubscribe link in their newsletter, it makes me wonder if this is a new thing. If you send out newsletters or "important messages" to a mailing list, but do not include an unsubscribe link, you have zero respect for your users.

I'm honestly thinking of creating a section in here to keep track of all these guys, just to let people know who to avoid.

App Store reviews

Does Exactly What It Says

This app works exactly as it says it does. After the most recent update I adjusted the sensitivity conrol and it works perfectly!

His rating? 2 stars.

Expenses Planner updates

It's been a while since I've posted, but here's something I've been working on lately for Expenses Planner:

  • Swipe gestures: left to delete, right to postpone the event.
  • Prettier postpone indicator icon.
  • Hugely improved the passcode lock.
  • A lot of small interface improvements, like coloring the date inside add/edit, just like on the main screen.
  • Purple colored navigation bar. I've been pondering on adding this one since the first iOS 7 update; if you don't like it, I'd like to hear from you: given enough downvotes I might change it back.
  • Although not noticeable with the naked eye, a lot of performance improvements have been made, especially on the memory usage.

Also, a lot of improvements have been made to LTHPasscodeViewController, for those of you that are interested.

Carminder is next, basically with the same improvements. Stay tuned.